Voice lessons for everyone

I am pleased to work with anyone who enjoys singing and wants to improve. Every student should come prepared to do something for his own voice. These points are more important to me than age and previous experience.

Singing technique
and coaching
for professional singers

I offer technical coaching to professionals, whether in the classical repertory or in musical theatre. I can help you if your vocal technique is in need of an upgrade or readjustment.

I also accompany your transition process and am able to support singers with my complete network.

My voice lessons are also available online via Skype or Facetime.

Voice training for
and young people

The best age to start children on vocal training is from the age of nine. With such early encouragement, their voices evolve naturally and their vocal technique develops steadily and effortlessly.

I blend songs from every style, so that young people get familiar with so many. Then it soon becomes clear to them where their true passion lies. I always strive to work with the music teachers in school, to create opportunities to perform and further support them (school concerts, projects…)

For gifted young singers, there is the chance to take part in the ‘Jugend musiziert’ competition.

Since 2005, 15 of my pupils have taken part in classical, vocal ensemble and musical theatre disciplines. All were successful in winning prizes: ten first prizes, four second prizes and one third. One singer entered the Bundeswettbewerb (National Vocal Competition) winning first prize and another took second.

The Wettbewerb competition motivates children and young people to work intensively with their voices and the pieces of music. For several, it serves as a decision making tool – for (or against) a musical career.

and workshops

One aspect of my teaching involves public concerts, which are meticulously prepared in workshops. Professional musicians (pianists, guitarists, organists) accompany the singers and support them in organising their performance.

Working Techniques

My working techniques enable strong, effortless and natural singing – my singers are able to discover ways of directly expressing themselves. They also have a positive effect on the strength and function of the speaking voice.


For the technical training of the voice I use the American Bel canto speech level singing technique. Here the singing voice develops from a healthy speaking voice/chest voice. My goal is to produce a great high and low vocal range with seamless transition between registers and clear diction. Freedom, directness and simplicity are the vocal results.

Speech level singing is just as effective in rejuvenating older and damaged voices.

This technique serves as a basis for all musical styles. The main areas covered in my training are classical, musical theatre and pop.

Wilk/Hagena breathing types

Good breathing technique and a free energy flow around the body are what make a natural singer. Therefore training in accordance with one’s breathing type is part of my teaching. All singers are supported and strengthened in their own vocal power, breathing, posture and vocalization. Freedom and effortlessness take centre stage here.

Also focusing on your own breathing type creates a confident appearance as well as natural charisma – not only in singing but in all aspects of your life. Even in onerous situations, like presentations, job interviews, perfomances of every kind – that is a great plus point.

Let’s Sing Together

Vereinbaren Sie mit mir eine Probestunde. Individuell, kurzfristig und unverbindlich.