Notes for my Singing Lessons

“People who sing, frighten their worry” Miguel de Cervantes

Simon Moll, Psychologist

I have been having singing lessons with Susanne for over four years now. Due to private and professional commitments, there hasn’t always been as much time for music as I might have liked. Regardless of how much strength and energy I have left at the end of the day, my singing lessons always fit the bill!

If I am tired, stressed or physically run-down, Susanne helps me to get back on my feet with gentle vocal and physical exercises. She targets the affected vocal cords, and I leave my singing lessons in better shape than when I arrived.

If I am healthy, motivated and in the best case scenario a musical project is imminent, Susanne facilitates my ambition and makes me continually strive to improve my performance. Here, her artistic aspirations come into play in the lessons. She always shows such great sensitivity in her vocal teaching. Thanks to Susanne’s committed, well thought-out and flexible system of teaching, I am now vocally at a level I would never have dreamed possible four years ago and I am very confident that I will get much more out of my voice under her guidance. I look back to many exciting singing lessons, amazing concerts and am always fascinated time and again how my little musical hobby has developed with Susanne’s support.

Here I want to sincerely thank Susanne and can’t recommend her highly enough – book a lesson and see for yourself!

Leni, aged 11

I have been having lessons with Frau Langholf for over a year now and I am finding them brilliant. Frau Langholf is not only a good teacher but she’s also very nice.

Through her training this year, my voice (slightly damaged) has recovered and even improved.

I love going there and have discovered singing isn’t really too demanding, but fabulous. Every year it’s the nicest present to be able to keep coming back.

And if I had to describe her coaching in one word – that would be WONDERFUL (DEFINITELY worth recommending!).

Sabine Döppel

I am a jazz singer and was looking for a teacher a few years ago, that used the Speech Level Singing method. Fate brought me to Susanne. Right from my first lesson, I realised that this was the style of teaching I had been looking for.

Since then, my voice has become substantially (or markedly) stronger. I am no longer hoarse after a long gig and my pitch range has reached heights that I would never even have dreamt of years ago.

Through my newly gained confidence due to the reliability of my voice, I have also become much more vocally adventurous on the stage.

It’s always a pleasure to go to Susanne’s lessons and I always return home full of new ideas.

Jacqueline Vidal

As a trained pianist and now a more mature choir singer, I have been having singing lessons for about three years now with Susanne Langholf.

One of the most fascinating of all experiences in her lessons is that singing becomes easier and easier with her methods, not usually the case on getting older. Her professionalism alongside her abundance of intuition gives her immediate access to the student’s musical core.

She radiates confidence in your own ability and makes you aware of your potential. Her own heartfelt singing affects our own newly restored self-belief. Her lessons are such fun and pure joy.